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Welcome to the Smartvisite™ Devcenter

Whether you are an agency site webmaster, a software publisher or a real estate portal, you will find technical documentation and code examples that can simplify the integration of our products. If you have any question, do not hesitate to use the form at the bottom of the page.

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Smartvisite™ API

Getting Started

APIs are a set of tools allowing you to easily integrate our products into your solutions. Whether you are an agency webmaster, a software editor or a real estate portal developer, our APIs give you the opportunity to safely exchange information with our services. The procedure for conventional use of our APIs

Export feed + iFrame player + Data API

List of compatible softwares

As we have seen, the first step is to export your data (ads) to our services. We are already built into most softwares on the market. Simply go to the ”Export” and select ”Smartvisite” in the portals or services. Below, you will find the list of softwares with which you can already export :

  • AC3 Distribution
  • Abitatvision
  • Activimmo
  • Adaptimmo
  • Agence Plus
  • Alizé
  • Apimo
  • Aptalis
  • Beyat
  • Centris
  • Cybel
  • Chronotech
  • Cosmosoft
  • Ellipse
  • Enova transaction
  • Enova vacances
  • Fnaim
  • Gercop
  • Goventis
  • GPI
  • Hektor
  • Helios
  • Homeresa
  • Horizon
  • Helena
  • Immolog
  • Jviewimmo
  • Lolita
  • Logilink
  • Leximmo
  • Horizon
  • I.C.S
  • Imminence
  • Immostore
  • Immovision
  • Naxos
  • Netty
  • Odyssée
  • Partagimmo
  • Pericles
  • Planitron
  • Elephant Bird
  • Rodacom
  • SDGI
  • Thetrawin
  • Totalimmo
  • Transactimmo
  • Transellis
  • Twimmo
  • Visiteonline
  • Ubiflow
  • Winimmobilier

If your software is not listed above, we can contact your publisher to establish an XML Feed between our services.

XML or CSV export

If you don't have a software, you can send us a daily listings feed in XML format to our FTP server with your personal access codes.

icon_doc Ask your FTP access codes here

Smartvisite™ XML export feed example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<exportsmartvisite date="2013-07-10 12:00">
<agency code="CLIENT ID">
	<agencyname>AGENCY NAME</agencyname>
	<agencyaddress1>AGENCY ADRESS</agencyaddress1>
	<agencycity>AGENCY CITY</agencycity>
	<agencyphone>AGENCY PHONE</agencyphone>
	<agencyemail>AGENCY EMAIL</agencyemail>
	<agencypostalcode>AGENCY ZIP CODE</agencypostalcode>
	<agencycountry>AGENCY COUNTRY CODE</agencycountry>
		<property id="LISTING ID" mandat="PROPERTY ID">
				<city>AGENCY CITY</city>
				<country>ISO CODE</country>
				<postalcode>AGENCY ZIP CODE</postalcode>
				<id>CODE AGENT</id>
				<firstname>FIRST NAME</firstname>
				<lastname>LAST NAME</lastname>
				<agentemail>AGENCY EMAIL</agentemail>
				<officenumber>OFFICE PHONE</officenumber>
				<mobilenumber>MOBILE PHONE</mobilenumber>
				<photo>BROKER PHOTO URL (.jpg 250x250px)</photo>
			<propertytype>PROPERTY TYPE</propertytype>
			<transaction>TRANSACTION TYPE</transaction>
			<isexclusive>0 or 1</isexclusive>
			<saleprice currency="EUR" fee="1">PRICE</saleprice>
			<surface unit="M2">AREA IN SQ FT</surface>
			<dpe>NOT PROVIDED</dpe>
			<ges>NOT PROVIDED</ges>
			<propertytitle><![CDATA[LISTING TITLE]]></propertytitle>
			<propertytext><![CDATA[LISTING DESCRIPTION]]></propertytext>
				<photo caption="TITLE">http://url.com/1.jpg</photo>
				<photo caption="TITLE">http://url.com/2.jpg</photo>
				<photo caption="TITLE">http://url.com/3.jpg</photo>
				<photo caption="TITLE">http://url.com/20.jpg</photo>
			<virtual_tour>VIDEO OR YOUTUBE URL</virtual_tour>		
	<!-- END LOOP -->					

iFrame player

The iFrame player allows you to embed a Smartvisite™ video player on your website or your portal. The iFrame Player is integrated via an ”iframe” tag on your page. This approach is more flexible because it allows Smartvisite ™ to provide a HTML5 player for mobile devices that do not support Flash Player.

You can retrieve the URL of a video directly from the XML feed in a field generally called ”virtual_tour” or ”video”. Otherwise you can retrieve it in real-time via ”Data API”.

On demand, we can also flux@smartvisite.com, provide you with a daily XML feed on our FTP with all the Spotvidéo™ URLs.

							<iframe src="http://smrtvst.co/xxxxx?volume=80" width="480"
			height="385" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" AllowFullScreen></iframe>


Property Type Description
int (3)
Youtube player volume between 0 and 100 (default: 80)
Autostart of video playback (default: 0)
booleen Showing / hiding the playback bar (default: 1)

Player size

The size of the iFrame for 16:9 videos is 640 x 385 pixels. To change the size of your iFrame change the ”width” and ”height” HTML parameters of the iFrame.

Data API

The Smartvisite™ REST API allows you to retrieve metadata, the Spotvidéo™ and Property Websites from your account. Since the API is based on REST principles, it is very easy to write and test applications. You can use your browser to access the URL, and you can use almost any HTTP client in any language to interact with the API.


You must obtain a private access key to use the Smartvisite™ API. The access key is entered with each call and is used as an authentication to the Smartvisite™ API. It provides secure access and allows the API to associate every request your application makes to your Smartvisite™ account. To obtain the key within 48 hours, you may send a request via this form :

icon_doc Ask for your API key here

Root url

Here is the standard schema to call the Smartvisite™ API , it is achievable via HTTPS. Unencrypted HTTP is not supported in order to ensure data confidentiality.



Property Type Description
string (12)
Your personal API key (required)
string (3)
Output format (json or xml, optional, default: json)
Property token (optional)


All responses are JSON objects. There are two kinds of JSON responses : ”item” and ”list”. The ”item” type of response is a JSON object with a single level of key-value pairs. This response is used when only one object is requested. The type of response "list" is a JSON object containing an array of "item" type elements.


GET /videos

Returns the list of available information for your account

GET example


Json response

  "id": int,
  "token": string,
  "iframeSrc": string,
  "videoSrc": string,
  "listingId": string,
  "propertyNumber": string,
  "videoDetails": string
GET /video

Returns information available on the video identified by ”token”

Example :


Json response

  "id": int,
  "token": string,
  "snippet": {
    "publishedAt": datetime,
    "youtubeId": string,
    "title": string,
    "description": string,
    "thumbnails": {
      (key): {
        "url": string
  "player": {
    "iframeSrc": string,
    "videoSrc": string,
  "statistics": {
    "viewCount": unsigned long,
  "status": {
    "uploadStatus": string,
    "privacyStatus": string
GET /sites

Returns a list of available Property Websites for your account

Example :


Json response

  "id": int,
  "url": string,
  "idAgence": string,
  "numeroMandat": string
GET /site

Returns information available on the Property Website identified by ”id”

Example :


Json response

  "id": string,
  "url": string,
  "statistics": {
    "viewCount": unsigned long,
    "likeCount": unsigned long,
GET /user

Returns the list of available information for your account

Example :


Json response

  "id": int,
  "agence": {
    "nom": string,
    "adresse": string,
    "ville": string,
    "cp": int,
    "logo": {
        "url": string
  "urls": {
    "youtube": string,
    "facebook": string,
    "twitter": string,
    "dailymotion": string
  "status": string,
  "creation": datetime


oEmbed is an open protocol that allows you to insert the contents of a web page to another page. The inserted content can be of several types : photo, video, URL or HTML extracts. The exchange of information takes place between a client site and server site. For example, the client site can display a representation of a website such as an image or video content. The server must have a service using the oEmbed API to allow clients to retrieve information representation to display.



Here is our selection of available widgets for Facebook and Twitter:


Our APIs contain some usage limits in order to restrict the abuse of resources. If you reach these limits regularly, we can offer different solutions. You will find the prices below.

Calls/day Calls/day Calls/day
Data API 5.000 10.000 20.000
iFrame player unlimited unlimited unlimited
oEmbed 20.000 40.000 80.000
Free 10£/month 20£/month

Help and Support

If you need help and you want to get in touch with our technical team, you can use the comments below or send us an email support@smartvisite.com


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