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Ugo Quaisse

President, CTO & Design

Thomas Findeis

General & Sales Manager


Established in November 2007 by Thomas Findeis and Ugo Quaisse, Smartvisite™ is specialized in communication and rich media on the Internet for real estate professionals. We provide you with 100% automatic video and website solutions.

The company was supported in 2009 by a Business Angels network Norm'Angels then in 2010 by the investment fund ”Croissance et Proximité 2” NCI Gestion.

Since the launch of our Spotvidéo ™ offer in September 2009, we have generated more than 1.5 million videos for more than 800 customers !

Today we are a team of 5 based in Normandy in Hérouville St-Clair, our headquarters. Our developpement team is based in Paris.

We are proud today to be the owner of all our technologies and innovations.

Key facts

▸ October 2014 Launch of the service in Belgium and Switzerland.
▸ Sept 2014 Product launch: the new "Movie" Spotvideo™. More detail
▸ May 2014 Product launch: HD 720p technology for all our videos.
▸ January 2014 Partnership with Copilote Immobilier and product introduction in Canada (Quebec).
▸ Sept 2014 Product Launch : multi-user accounts.
▸ May 2013 Product introduction : "Instagram-like" photo enhancement module.
▸ Feb 2013 Partnership with 30 real estate portals French.
▸ Nov 2012 Partnership with Poliris, Seloger.com group.
▸ Sept 2012 Product introduction : Property website.
▸ Nov 2011 Product launch : My.Smartvisite.com.
▸ March 2011 Partnership with Visiteonline.com, No. 1 french real estate video portal.
▸ Sept 2010 National partnership with French FNAIM and regional chambers.
▸ July 2010 Support by NCI investment fund.
▸ Sept 2009 Product launch : Spotvideo™ Youtube.
▸ June 2009 Support by Norm'Angels investors network.
▸ Jan 2008 Product launch : virtual tour technology 180° flash.
▸ Nov 2007 Creation of the company.